Our SunMaster Tomato!

 So about 2 months ago, Gilbert (my husband) and I planted 6 Sun Master Tomato plants. A breed meant to withstand night time temps up to 90 degrees. Thank God it has not been that hot but still. They are beginning to ripen.

While they may be beautiful and I must admit it feels good to have grown something rather than killed it like my brown thumb often does, the first pick was a little mealy/grainy. Little did I know that Gilbert had been watering them 3x as much what as I had been giving them.

(The lighting wasn't great so the picture is a little surreal. I'm telling you I'm not 100% about that camera)

I'm glad they are so big, a whole palm full for me.
Can't wait til we own our own house and can have a large garden PLUS a chicken coop!!
Time to water them less while the majority ripen- 50 to go :)

More info. about SunMaster tomato Dave's Garden is a Great Resource

Photographing Vintage Items for My Empty Etsy Shop !

After finding that the sunlight kept my images from yellowing, I think my cheap camera that I originally anticipated having to give away or sell on Craigslist (Vivitar ViviCam X029) will do just fine. Yet still I would recommend it to no one. 

But, since I'm hoping to keep start up costs to a minimum while staying competitive, I think it's going to be my best bet. 

I love the piece (1975 F.T.D white compote) but I still need to take situational photos (with flowers I suppose). Lots more to photograph! Wish me luck.