Etsy Logo - Creating a Banner, Avatar, Facebook, and Business Card Image

As I mentioned previously I wasn't completely thrilled with my Etsy Banner. The background was clear, but the text formatted and appeared blurry. Recently, I ordered new business cards with my Etsy shop name, e-mail, etsy site (OF COURSE) etc. I picked the pattern as something gray and white (which to me is classic, as are my vintage items) with a cute geometric design (which a lot of my products have or are inspired by).

I recently receive my cards in the mail in a cute little box and THEN. I thought "Hey, why not make this image consistent throughout Lynn's Mix ?," So I DID!

I went to the website I got my business cards from to get the background image and used Word Drawing Tools to transform it into a banner and avatar that were actually the correct size. Etsy wants banners to be sized 100x750 Pixels, only my Drawing Tools weren't allowing me to adjust pixels directly. If you have the same prob just convert to inches when resizing: 100x750 = 1 inch by 7.5 inches :D

     Same for the avatar which should be sized 100x100 Pixels... thus 1 inch by 1 inch.
Facebook avatars support a minimum of 180x180 Pixels so I had to make a third graphic, but no worries. Feel free to check that one out too. (Remember, "Like" Lynn's Mix on Facebook and receive exclusive coupon offers for my etsy shop!)

I sized the background images, then sent it behind text, added a text box w/ no fill and no line, chose my font, centered, and grouped. Easy as Pie, I don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

Tell us how you choose your Etsy Logo.

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