Recycled Cardboard Crafts!

So there are of course a million things that can be done with paperboard rolls (Think toilet paper and paper towel roll inserts). From elementary school crafts to larger designs I thought I would share a few with you all that I created and recently posted in my Etsy Shop.  While they do take a while to create they are very elegant and eco friendly . - Who thought toilet paper rolls could be so chic??

1. Save up paper towel rolls and cut to a manageable size.
 2. Paint rolls a color of your choice, I chose a Folk Art GOLD and let dry. (not shown)
 3. Once dry inside and out, cut to the width of your choice. I find 1/2 inch works well!
 4. Using an adhesive - I use hot glue - form into desired design!
 5. Go back and paint cut edges which will show the cardboard brown color. . . This is probably the most labor intensive step, it takes a lot of patience to get into all the cracks and make it look even. 
6. Coat with a gloss of your choice for a more finished look and feel!

Eco Friendly Recycled Golden Floral Votive Holder

Gold Paper Succulent Set of Two - Recycled Cardboard - Eco Friendly

What have you made with paperboard rolls?

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  1. Love this idea! So simple and pretty. Thanks for the idea and great blog!