Eco -Tip Tuesday : Target those Light bulbs!

You may or may not have heard about the US Congress debating whether or not to make incandescent (common) light bulbs illegal to sell in order to phase the wasteful bulbs out. 

Either way, we are all aware that they are energy wasters esp. compared to their florescent and led competitors. Compact Florescent bulbs use 75% less energy than a typical incandescent bulb.

By using a fluorescent bulb over its life time of 10000 hours. You will save:
10 light bulb changes
$40.50 in electricity costs
$3.50 in bulb replacement costs
$44.00 in total PER BULB!
Reduce greenhouse gas produced by power plants by: 691 pounds of carbon dioxide

Also reduced is the resources needed to make the 10 bulbs saved.

So, what are we to do? The answer is easy! Replace your bulbs!

But, we all know I love to upcycle so I wanted to share some awesome upcycled light bulb projects to help you get inspired!

 Create your own unique and eco-friendly flower vases. 

 - Safely tap through the bottom of the bulb
  - Remove interior
   - Adhere bulb to flat base
    - Fill and Enjoy!

Living Light bulb Terrarium! There is a great tutorial on Etsy.

Or, perhaps you could create 
a light bulb chandelier!
What are you planning to do with your old light bulbs?

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