Getting Ready To Downsize!

My husband and I should be closing on our first house this week! I am very excited!

While it will be our first house, we are downsizing somewhat from the rental house we are in now - - down to 940 sq. ft. We wanted to stick to our ideals of simplifying our lives, and living eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of a Small House:
  • Less Energy Consumption - easier to heat and cool
  • Fewer Resources - to build and maintain.
  •  Smaller Footprint - conserves "green" space = more grass and plants.
  • Less space = More responsible & Fewer Purchases.

    There is a detached garage (planning to fix it up for my musician husband), so that will help, but I have been preparing myself for the move. 

    On Christmas Eve we took car load to Goodwill, and another after the New Year.  - - Who knew we had so much?

    While our new house isn't this small - Here are some of my favorite small homes:

    What are your thoughts on down-sizing?

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