Upcycling for Cats

I love upcycling and I LOVE my cats,
so I decided to browse today and share some upcycled finds especially for our feline friends. 

First up, check this guy out! Loving his  
Upcycled kitty mat!
Brought to you by Design Sponge.

What You’ll Need:
1. cardboard boxes (all sizes, all kinds, at least 5 medium size boxes)
2. masking tape
3. exacto blade and ruler
4. decorative paper, fabric or paint
 - I will have a lot of empty boxes soon ;)

I feel as if I've seen a lot of
Vintage Suitcase Beds recently, Oh pinterest.. but I still love 'em and hope to make my very own one day soon - hopefully once we move into our new house I can craft craft craft!
This one is from a very cute etsy shop Atomic Attic.

                                                                                   Last, but not least for today are these ubber cute  
                                                                                 Menswear Mice.

They feature tweed suits, jacket linings, corduroy, cotton velvet, and ties.

Sometimes I feel like cat toys are pointless to buy.
Don't get me wrong my cats aren't deprived but half the time they prefer the packaging, or would rather play with a wad of paper or stuff found around the house. - I say this as my cat Thompson is eyeballing my valentines balloon.
Plus they are designed to tear or break and are more than not made in China with who knows what chemicals... not something I really want my cats to carry in their mouths.

That said these are too cute not to make. 

Seems like a trip the the thrift store is in order for these guys. Thank you Martha Stewart!

What are your favorite upcycled finds?