Here's to Broken Paver / Cracked Concrete Upcycling!!

So, we finally moved into our new house about a week ago. I have been very busy to say the least. Spring is upon us and I'm hoping to make my garden dreams a reality.

While cleaning out a plethora of broken pavers we decided to make a path between where we would place our vegetable beds. Granted, it's not the sunniest of locations but surely lettuce and nasturtium will survive... That's a lot of lettuce I guess, I'll think of something - barter or what not.

My first inclination with the broken pavers was the trash - I'm ashamed of myself, but I'm not going to lie. Come to find the US actually has a number of recycling companies that specialize in recycling concrete. Who knew?
**Recycling one ton of cement could save 1,360 gallons water, 900 kg of co2**

Makes sense with the dire state of landfills. But, that's not what I choose to do either. Likely my broken pavers will be stacked for some sort of bed edging. Love the second pic below.

I'm not the biggest fan of broken stone paths, I like them sure, but I'd like a more modern symmetrical look for my yard personally.

Here are some ideas for those broken pavers. 
Love one and have no broken pavers? Check out Craigslist Free or Freecycle, you're bound to find someone aching to rid their yard of broken pavers. 

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